Turn unsold inventory and surplus foods into cash!

Use our TreeDots procurement platform that is made by suppliers, for suppliers.

We are ready to serve you a custom-made solution that allows you to manage your quotations and receive orders, saving you cost and man-hours.

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Competitive Fees

Market and sell your

products to our vast

networks at low costs

List Surplus Inventory

Sell close-to-expiry or

surplus foods at

clearance prices

to recover costs!

Receive Bulk Orders

Set your own Minimum

Order Value or offer your

inputs to us in bulk!

Flexible Logistics

Try our trusted and flexible

cold-chain logistic services,

suited to your needs

Growing Network of Users

Sell your products to our

continuously growing dense

network of F&B and 

group buy collection points


Join us and 50+ other suppliers on our online group buy platform and sell your products to our islandwide network of households.

List unsold inventory, clearance items, expiring products and regular items on our online marketplace then watch them turn to cash!

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Join us to list your fresh, quality groceries on our online grocery platform and get connected with a close group buy community of households.